Perfected Lengths Hair Extensions

Perfected Lengths, Exclusive Luxury Pre - Bonded Hair Extensions. 100% Human Russian hair, Double Drawn Remy Hair, Thick from top to bottom. No Malting - Pre Bonded.  


Regular Aftercare -

  • We recommend booking in for monthly maintenance blow dry appointments, in this appointment we thoroughly check the bonds are healthy and are in good condition meaning no harm will come to your naturual hair.
  • Regularly separate the bonds. Hair that sheds naturally on a daily basis can become trapped in the bonds and cause matting.
  • Although human, extensions hair no longer receive oils from your scalp and so needs revitalising with specialist products to ensure your hair looks and feels silky. This should be done around once a week .
  • It is important that you only use products on your extensions that your stylist has recommended to you. Products for natural hair contain silicone and oils which are too heavy for hair extensions, they WILL distroy your extensions.
  • When playing sports or going to bed, tie your hair in a loose plait or scrunchy pony tail to avoid matting and minimise excessive brushing in the morning.
  • Do not pick at the bonds and always have them removed by a professional, failure to acknowledge this can risk snapping and losing your own hair.




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