After Care

For the next 10-12 days after the procedure, you need to keep your new brows as dry as possible. No water is allowed around the brow area whilst healing, as this can result in the pigment being washed out of the skin. 

We suggest avoiding any hot holidys , which will cause you to over sweat and push the pigment out of the skin, as well as activities such as the gym and saunas. Salt in your sweat will draw the pigment out.

Please use the aftercare ointment which we will give you. Apply ointment before showering and maintain moisture on your brows with the aftercare ointment , reapplying regulary when your eyebrows are feeling dry  or your skin is feeling taught. Do not wipe off the aftercare ointment from your eyebrows, this can cause the scab to fall off prematurely. Let the ointment absorb into the skin.

Do not pick, scratch or rub your healing brows.

Avoid facial cleansers, soap and make up on your brows until your brows are fully healed and the scabs have fallen off. 

Please note and trust the healing process, there are stages to your brows healing. Initially your brows will appear very dark within the first 5-7 days, 7 days later and your brows would have lost 40%-50% of its intensity! Sometimes it appears as if the hair strokes have dissapeared and then the colour returning once the brows are fully healed. The follow up, top up treamtment is included and the whole brow is microbladed again to ensure the pigment has healed evenly throughout the brows.