At perfected we offer traditional strip waxing and lycon hot waxing.


Why choose Lycon wax ?

The ground breaking Lycon stripless hot wax, shrink wraps and removes hairs as short as 1mm.

Perfect for short, stubborn hairs on the face and body. The lycon hot wax is full of natural and soothing products to nurture the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and hair free. Used on a low temperature the lycon hot wax can be re reapplied to the same area up to 6 times with out discomfort of irritation.

Why do lycon use a pre wax oil?

The prewax oil is used to create a barrier between the skin and the wax. This means the wax is not being pulled with the skin, which is what hurts! The wax will only grip to the hairs.


Choose the bikini wax to suit you! 

Hollywood - Completly bare

Brazilian - With a landing strip 

Extended Bikini - Clean sides and top

Bikini - Clean sides 


After Your Treatment-

Wear loose cotton clothing

Exfoliate the area 4-7 days after the treatment to help prevent in-grown hairs.

Do not apply perfumed products to the area for 12-24 hours.

Do not apply deodorant for 12-24 hours.

Do not touch the area excessivly.

Do not use a sunbed or sunbathe for 12-24 hours

Do not take a hot shower or bath within 24 hours

Avoid swimming or other exersise.

Avoid exposure to uv rays

Use ingrown X-it spray solution daily between waxes to minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs. Avalible to buy from Perfected!